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10.2-inch Touch Screen Paanel For BMW (Clear)

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ㆍ10.2-inch Touch Panel For OEM Monitor
ㆍTYPE : Clear
ㆍApplied Model : BMW 10.2-inch monitor
ㆍMade in Korea

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High-Quality Touch Panel For Oiginal Monitor
10.2-inch Clear Type Touch Screen Panel For BMW
▶ Product Name : 10.2-inch Touch Screen Panel For BMW
  • 10.2인치 BMW 순정 OEM 모니터에 적용 가능
  • Clear 타입의 터치패널로 깨끗하고 선명한 색상 구현
  • 두께 1.25mm로 우수한 투과율
  • Applies to BMW OEM 10.2-inch monitor.
  • Implement a clean and vivid color by clear type.
  • Excellent transmittance of the thickness 1.25mm


Car Models Specific Models
BMW 5(F10), 5GT(F07), 6(F12), 7(F01), X5(F15)

+ Product Size +

Width : 256mm   |  Height : 104mm   |   Touch Film : 85mm

10.2-inch Clear Type Touch Screen Panel

For The OEM Monitor

▲ Clear Touch Panel

▲ Non-Clear Touch Panel

(두께 Thickness : 1.25mm)

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