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CTR6-4 Touch Converter (6-PIN to 4-PIN)

$ 45.00

ㆍModel Name : CTR6-4
ㆍ6-PIN Capacitive Touch → 4-PIN Resistive Touch
ㆍOutput to 4-pin type (X1, Y1, X2, Y2).

To convert a capacitive touch panel to a resistive type.
CTR6-4 Touch Converter (6-PIN Capacitive→ 4-PIN Resistive)
▶ Product Name : CTR6-4
  • 정전식 터치패널 6핀에서 4핀 저항방식 터치로 변환하기 위한 터치 컨버터
  • 별도의 딥스위치 설정 없이 호환되는 칩셋&핀맵 사양의 모든 터치패널과 사용 가능
  • 모든 사이즈의 정전식 터치패널을 저항 방식의 4핀 타입(X1, Y1, X2, Y2)으로 터치값 출력
  • Touch converter for converting and connecting from 6-pin capacitive touch to 4-pin resistive touch.
  • Can be used with all touch panels with compatible chipset & pinmap specifications without dip switch setting.
  • The capacitive touch panel is output the touch value to 4-pin type (X1, Y1, X2, Y2).

※ Specifications of compatible capacitive touch panel.

* Chipset –

GOODiX GT911, GT928

* Pinmap –

#1 SCL
#2 SDA
#3 INT
#4 GND
#5 VDD
#6 RST


1. Converter Module

2. Power Cable

3. Touch Cable

4. 6PIN C-Touch Gender


Converting the capacitive touch panel to resistive type.

Capacitive (6-PIN) → Resistive (4-PIN)
CTR6-4 Touch Converter

▶ Product Name : CTR6-4

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Weight 150 g


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