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Built-in navigation cover for BMW 120D

$ 198.00

ㆍProduct Name : BMW 120D(7-inch) Navigation Cover
ㆍ특징 : Be no different from original.
ㆍ주의 : 되도록 전문 인스톨샵에 맡겨주세요^^
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Touch Screen Cover
Built-in navigation cover for BMW 1 series(E81 / E87)
▶ Product Name : Built-in navigation cover for BMW 120D
  • BMW 120D 네비매립 상단마감재
  • 7-inch Wide Type(와이드형)
  • 우수한 재질과 퀄리티
  • Built-in navigation cover for BMW 120D.
  • 7-inch Wide Type
  • Excellent quality


Car Models Specific Models
1 Series E81, E87

7-inch Built-in navigation cover

For 2004 – 2012 BMW 1 series


BMW 120D Navigation Cover(7-inch) Package 의 구성품입니다.

1. Front Cover

2. Back Cover

3. Fixed Frame

4. Screws

Installation Example

(Purchase the navigation separately)

Front cover


Fixed Frame

Back cover

▶ Before

▶ After

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Weight 300 g


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