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Universal Backup Camera, RC4089

$ 49.50

ㆍProduct Name : RC4089 Backup Camera
<장착공임이 빠진 단품가격 입니다.>

High Cost-Effectiveness, Optimal compatibility with Video interface.
Universal Rear-View Camera, RC4089
▶ Product Name : RC4089
  • PC4089 칩셋 적용으로 CCD에 버금가는 화질
  • 뛰어난 야간 시인성(컬러, 밝기, 사물 윤곽 등)
  • 11가지 품질 테스트 완료
  • 후방 카메라 자체 가이드 라인 지원
  • 화면 반전 가능 / 가이드라인 온오프 가능
  • 국제표준등급 IP67 완벽한 방수,방진 설계
  • 초소형 컴팩트 사이즈
  • Applied 1/3“ CMOS (PC4089) image sensor.
  • Excellent night visibility (color, brightness, object contour, etc.)
  • 11 quality tests completed.
  • Supports guide lines.
  • Mirror&normal view switchable / Parking guideline switchable
  • Perfect waterproof and dust proof. (IP67)
  • Compact size

Easy Install! PC4089 chipset HD Lens

Universal Backup Camera

Model Name : RC4089

You can see very clear at night.

COMPACT SIZE & IP67 Weterproof

Two Switching Loops


Image Mirror (Cutting)

Flip Horizontal
Cutting the Green Wire
and, Reconnect Camera Power

Guide Line ON (Default)

Guide Line OFF (Cutting)

Cutting the White Wire
And, Reconnect Camera Power


1. RC4089 Rear View Camera

2. Connect Cable

3. Cable

4. Double coated tissue / Lock washer


Chipset PC4089 (HD)
Sensor Size (inch) 1/3”
Output Formats PAL/NTSC
Effective Pixel 720 * 480
Definition 600TVL
View Angle (degree) Horizontal:120 / Vertical: 100
Lens angle 170 Degree(Diagonal)
Waterproof IP67
Power supply DC 12V
Sync system Internal
Operating Temperature -20°C~70°C, RH 95% MAX.
Storage Temperature -30°C~75°C, RH 95% MAX.
Dimension 26.52 * 25.84 * 22.61mm
Color Black

High Cost-Effectiveness,
Optimal compatibility with Video interface.
Rear-View Camera, RC4089

▶ Product Name : RC4089

본 컨텐츠의 저작권은 인디웍에 있으며, 가맹 계약된 제휴점에 제공되는 유료 컨텐츠입니다.

Weight 500 g


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