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New M2C Carblet (M2C-200IW) Android Settop Box

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6월 4일부터 출고가능 (Released on June 4th)
New M2C Carblet (M2C-200IW) Android Settop Box
ㆍProduct Name : M2C-200IW
ㆍRequired : M2C-100IW / HD-LINK Interface / Touch System(Touch Panel)
(* Installable on vehicles compatible with HD-LINK interface.)
(* Vehicles without a touch system must have a touch panel.)
ㆍOption : GPS FAKRA Cable, AUX generator

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X2 Faster, X2 Powerful, Super Quad-Core 2GHz CPU
New Android Settop Box, M2C-200IW
▶ Product Name : M2C-200IW
  • SET-TOP BOX형 디지털 안드로이드, M2C-200IW
  • 슈퍼 쿼드코어 CPU 탑재 (Super Quad-core 2GHz)
  • HD-LINK 인터페이스와 최적화 되어 완벽한 상호연동 가능
  • 안드로이드가 내장되어 차량의 순정모니터를 태블릿 PC처럼 사용
  • 구글스토어 사용가능
  • 고화질 4CH 디지털 HDMI 출력 지원
  • 디지털 신호를 순정 OEM 모니터에 직결하여 최상의 FULL HD급 초고화질 영상 구현
  • 다양한 주변기기와 연동하여 활용가능(무선 키보드, 마우스, USB, SD카드, SSD외장하드, 카메라 등)
  • 음성인식 인공지능 서비스 제공
  • 더 빠른 시작! 스마트 스텐바이 지원
  • Settop box type DIGITAL ANDROID. (M2C-200IW)
  • Equipped with Super Quad-core 2GHz
  • Optimized for HD-LINK interface and fully interoperable.
  • The M2C-200IW is built-in Android system so users can use the car’s genuine monitor like a tablet PC.
  • User can use the Google Store.
  • Provide the high quality 4CH digital HDMI output.
  • The digital signal is directly connected to the OEM monitor, realizing the super high definition image quality.
  • Can be used in conjunction with various devices. (Wireless keyboard, mouse, USB, SD card, SSD external hard drive, camera, etc.)
  • Providing voice recognition artificial intelligence services.
  • Faster start! Provide the Smart Standby function.

Detail View

M2C-200IW Android Settop Box

SIZE : WIDTH – 165.9mm / LENGTH – 105.3mm / HEIGHT – 21mm


  • Power
  • Touch Cable
  • IO Cable
  • DMB
  • GPS


  • Reset
  • Touch calibration
  • Dip Switch
  • USB Slot
  • Micro SD Card
  • Not Used

* USB 포트를 이용하여 다양한 외부 입력 장비를 지원합니다.
* Supports the various external input equipment using USB port.

▲ Dip switch setting (6 switchs) – Touch Setting
NO. 1 NO. 2 NO. 3 NO. 4 NO. 5 NO. 6 CAR MODEL
▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF Resistive touch mode.
(* May not be support depending on interface model type
and car model.)
▼ ON ▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF Capacitive touch mode. (Indiwork)
Touch type selection in “C- Touch select” application.
(* Please select a touch size in ‘C-touch APP’ through USB to
Mouse connecting.)
▼ ON ▼ ON ▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF UART Multi Touch (Indiwork)

1. Use the Capacitive Touch Panel

* DIP SW2 : 1 (ON▼) / 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (OFF▲)

2. Use the Resistor Touch Panel

3. Original Touch Monitor

M2C-200IW(Android Settop Box) Components

1. M2C-200IW Main Body

2. Power Cable

3. 4P-Touch Cable

4. 6P-Touch Cable

5. C-Touch Gender

6.R-Touch Gender

7. HDMI Cable

8. IO Interface Cable

9. External Speaker

10. External MIC.

11. External GPS Antenna

12. Screws

13. Quick Guide

별도 판매 (Sold Separately)

M2C-GPS Fakra Cable


OS Android 7.0 (Nougat)
CPU MediaTEK Cortex-A72 Super Quard-core 2GHz PowerVR GX6250 OpenGLE 3.0
Memory LPDDR3 2GB(1GB x 2) / 16GB eMMC
Display LVDS / HDMI (Support Rear Monitor)
GPS U-blox 8
Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth V4.1 LE standards
FMT 76~108MHz
Power DC 12V
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 60℃
Relative Humidity 0% To 85%
Size 165.9 x 105.3 x 21.0 mm

Android Car Solution
New Android Settop Box

▶ Product Name : M2C-200IW

본 컨텐츠의 저작권은 인디웍에 있으며, 가맹 계약된 제휴점에 제공되는 유료 컨텐츠입니다.

무게 1000 g

선택안함(Not selected), (M2C)GPS FAKRA Cable (+35,000₩)


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