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Premium Backup Camera, K003-18D (Gold Label)

$ 99.00

Universal Premium Backup Camera
ㆍProduct Name : K003-18D(GL)
<장착공임이 빠진 단품가격 입니다.>
녹색선 – 주차라인 / 흰색선 – 영상방향
Green wiring – Guide line / White wiring – Reverse image

High Quality Camera, World Best Lens F1.8 (0.05LUX) / Made in Korea
Universal Premium Backup Camera, K003-18D (Gold Label)
▶ Product Name : K003-18D(GL)
  • HD-LINK, D-LINK, Rear 인터페이스와 연동 가능
  • CMOS Sensor 초고화질, 뛰어난 야간 시인성
  • 아연 다이케스팅 최고급 공정의 케이스
  • 모든 부품 100% 국내생산 (Made In Korea)
  • 완벽한 방수, 방진 설계
  • 초소형 컴팩트 사이즈
  • Compatible with HD-LINK or D-LINK or Rear interface.
  • CMOS Sensor High-Definition, Excellent Night Visibility.
  • Zinc die casting case of the highest quality.
  • All parts 100% Made In Korea.
  • Perfect waterproof and dust proof.
  • Compact size


Detail View

Backup Camera, K003-18D(GL)

후방카메라 기능배선

녹색선 – 주차라인 / 흰색선 – 영상방향

* 차량전원 OFF 상태에서 작업 후 재시동해야 세팅완료 됨.

Functions of Wiring

Green wiring – Guide line / White wiring – Reverse image

* After cutting the wiring with turn off the car, the car must be restarted to complete the setting.



K003-18D(GL) Package 의 구성품입니다.

1. K003-18D(GL) Backup Camera

2. Main Cable


Pick-up Device 1/3″ Pixelplus PC1089K CMOS Sensor (NTSC/PAL)
Number of Image Pixels 350K 728(H) x 488(V)
Resolution 450 TV Lines
Consumption Current 60mA MAX (at DC 12V)
Operating Valtage DC12V (6V-18V)
LENS Wide Viewing Angle F1.8 / 160º(D), 121º(H), 88º(V)
Video Output 1.0Vp-p Composite, 75ohm
Shutter Control Auto IRIS(1/60~1/100,000)
S/N Ratio More Than 42dB
Operating Temperature -30ºC ~ +80ºC
Min, illumination 0.05 Lux
Material Zinc Die Casting
Weight Approx 75g (Camera cable include)
Waterproof Camera IP68

High Quality Camera
World Best Lens F1.8 (0.05LUX)
Premium Backup Camera
K003-18D (Gold Label)

▶ Product Name : K003-18D(GL)

본 컨텐츠의 저작권은 인디웍에 있으며, 가맹 계약된 제휴점에 제공되는 유료 컨텐츠입니다.
Weight 500 g


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