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Request to buy parts for original High - Definition Link for Chevrolet(GM) IW03GF

Sean Roberts
2023-11-18 15:23
Greetings, IndiWork! 🙂

If you have them in stock or can acquire them, I need to purchase some repacement parts, please, for my High - Definition Link for Chevrolet(GM) IW03GF.

Yes, I know you don't sell this item any more, but I hope you will still have these parts you can sell to me:

GVIF In Cable
GVIF Out cable
Mode Switch
Touch Cable (Film type)
Touch Cable (Connector type)

My account contact information is still correct.
Please tell me how much these items will cost, if you have them, and I will pay you swiftly! 🙂

Thank you for your kindness and courtesy! 🙂
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