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OBD Type Easy Access Module For BMW

$ 79.20

OBD Easy Access For BMW
ㆍProduct Name : OBD-BMW
ㆍ쉬운설치 Easy Install
호환차종은 상품페이지 하단의 호환성 리스트를 참고해주세요.
Compatible models refer to the compatibility list at the bottom of the product page.

Just plug it to the OBD terminal. Installation time 5 seconds!
OBD Type Easy Access Module For BMW
▶ Product Name : OBD-BMW
  • BMW 전용 OBD 타입의 이지억세스 모듈
  • 승하차시 운전석 시트를 자동으로 이동시켜주는 편의기능
  • 셋팅된 운전포지션에서 시동 OFF시 시트가 뒤로 일정구간 이동됩니다.(약 30 CM)
  • 설치가 매우 간편합니다.
  • OBD typle easy access module for BMW only.
  • Convenient system to automatically move the driver’s seat when getting on and off.
  • The driver’s seat moves back automatically from the set driving position when the vehicle is turned off. (About 30 cm)
  • Very easy to install.

OBD Type Easy Access Module For BMW

Automatic car driving seat control

How to Installation and operation



Car ModelsProduction YearSpecific Models
1 Series2011 – 2018F20
2 Series2014 – 2017F45
3 Series, 3GT2012 – 2019F30, F31, F34
4 Series2014 –F32, F33, F36
5 Series, 5GT2010 – 2016F10, F11, F07
6 Series2011 – 2018F06, F12, F13
7 Series2009 – 2015F01, F02
X32011 – 2017F25
X42014 – 2018F26
X52013 – 2018F15
X62015 – 2019F16
Car ModelsProduction YearSpecific Models
3 Series2019 –G20
5 Series2017 –G30
6GT2017 –G32
7 Series2016 –G11, G12
X32018 –G01
X42018 –G02
X52019 –G05
X72019 –G07

Automatic car driving seat control
OBD Type Easy Access

▶ Product Name : OBD-BMW

본 컨텐츠의 저작권은 인디웍에 있으며, 가맹 계약된 제휴점에 제공되는 유료 컨텐츠입니다.
Weight500 g


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