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[CarPlay & Android Auto] SCB-LX For Lexus


CarPlay & Android Auto Module
ㆍProduct Name : SCB-LX
ㆍTouch panel not available
<장착공임이 빠진 단품가 입니다.>


WiFi Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Module
SCB-LX CarPlay & Android Auto Box For Lexus
▶ Product Name : SCB-LX
  • Lexus 순정 모니터에 설치되는 인터페이스 일체형 카플레이 셋탑 박스
  • 차량 세부 모델에 따라 Old, New, High 타입 선택 (하단 표 참고)

  • 유ㆍ무선 애플 카플레이, 유선 안드로이드 오토 사용가능
  • 유ㆍ무선 스마트폰 미러링 지원
  • Digital 고화질 제공
  • 외부 후방카메라, 전방카메라(옴니뷰) 연동 가능
  • 순정버튼으로 조작됨 (터치 사용 안됨)
  • 짹 바이 짹 케이블 적용, 간편한 설치
  • ※ RX,LS,GS의 경우, 한국형 네비게이션 옵션 있는 차량은 장착 불가.
  • Interface-integrated CarPlay Settop box for Lexus original Monitor.
  • Select Old, New, High type according to vehicle model. (Please refer to the table below.)

  • Available the Wired / Wireless Apple Car Play, Wired Android Auto.
  • Support the wired and wireless smartphone mirroring.
  • Digital High Definition
  • Can be connected with external rear camera, front camera (Omni view, Around view).
  • Operated by genuine buttons. (Touch not used.)
  • Jack by jack cable, Easy installation.
  • ※ RX, LS, GS models with Korean navigation options are not compatible.


ModelsYearMonitor SizeCable Type
IS (XE30)2013-20167 inchHigh Type
IS (XE30)2017-10 inchHigh&New Type
CT (A10)2015-7 inchOld Type
CT200 (A10)2011-7 inchHigh Type
NX (AZ10)2015-20177 inchHigh Type
NX (AZ10)2018-8 inch, 10 inchNew Type
UX (ZA10)2018-8 inch, 10 inchNew Type
RX (AL20)2016-8 inch, 12 inchHigh Type
ES (XV60)2013-20178 inchHigh Type
ES (XZ10)2018-8 inch, 12 inchNew Type
GS (L10)2012-8 inch, 12 inchHigh Type
LS (XF40)2012-201712 inchHigh Type
LS (XF50)2018-12 inchNew Type
LX570 (J200)2016-12 inchHigh Type

Cable Type

High&New Type : (High Type) Main Harness, (New Type) GVIF Cable

New Type : (New Type) Main Harness, (New Type) GVIF Cable

High Type : (High Type) Main Harness, (Old Type) GVIF Cable

Old Type : (Old Type) Main Harness, (Old Type) GVIF Cable

▶ Main Harness

High Type

New Type

Old Type

▶ GVIF Cable

New Type

Old Type

Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto For Lexus

무선 카플레이 & 안드로이드 오토


인터페이스 일체형
Lexus 순정모니터와 사용가능
순정버튼으로 조작

Apple Carplay, Google Android Auto


Detail View

SCB-LX Box For Lexus

SIZE : WIDTH – 146mm / LENGTH – 94mm / HEIGHT – 22mm


  • Toggle Switch
  • Antenna


  • LVDS
  • CAN Power

SCB-LX Components

1. SCB-LX 본체

2. Compatible Harness Cable (3 Types)

3. Compatible GVIF Cable (2 Types)

4. Screen Cable

5. AV, USB Cable

6. Antenna



Lexus ES300h

Wireless Apple CarPlay

Wired Android Auto

Phone Mirroring

Interface integrated
CarPlay & Android Auto
SCB-LX For Lexus

▶ Product Name : SCB-LX

본 컨텐츠의 저작권은 인디웍에 있으며, 가맹 계약된 제휴점에 제공되는 유료 컨텐츠입니다.
Weight1100 g

High&New, New, High, Old


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